What is the FishBuddy App and who is it for?

A new FREE fishing community App for anglers across the UK and Ireland. Discover new Fishing Venues, Fishing Clubs and Tackle & Bait Shops. Share your fishing adventures, pictures and videos with other FishBuddies.

App Testers Programme

We have now recruited the required number of Active Anglers to phase 1 of our App Testers Programme. They will be providing feedback and contributing ideas on what  features they would like to see developed.

If you are interested in getting involved with phase 2 please visit our App Testers page

Download the FishBuddy fishing App today!

Although still in its early stages we are fine tuning and adding new features constantly.

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FishBuddy App Features


• Explore new Fishing Venues with contact details, information of the types of fish and GPS maps on how to get there.
• Record your best catch locations on our interactive maps and share with your friends or keep them private.
• Find other Anglers, share your stories on your own news feed, with the ability to upload pictures and videos of your catches and comment on each other’s posts.
• Privacy button to hide your catches.
• Fish ID – FishBuddy now comes with AI, which now means you can Identify fish breeds from your catches. Our database is already growing, and we will be adding more in the future.
• The FishBuddy app is 100% FREE with no hidden charges or additional fees.
• Tips and Guides with links to our YouTube channel


• Search for other FishBuddies and connect with them.
• Like and comment on posts.
• Create posts and tag the Fishing Venues you are at.
• Tag a Catch Location with interactive GPS maps.
• Filters to block other users or hide posts from users.
• Log all your best catches and retrieve them from your personal profile.
• Notifications when someone likes your post or comments


• Search for Fishing Venues, Fishing Clubs and Tackle & Bait Shops in your local area on our interactive map.
• Get GPS coordinates, map views and satellite images for each location.
• Get detailed information, including contact and route guidance for planning trips.
• Also, on Fishing Venues, you can see which breeds are in each location.
• Submit a new Fishing Venue


• Get detailed information on local Fish breeds, with images.
• Tag a fish breed in your post.


• See a log of all your catches and catch locations.
• Get GPS tacking to guide you back to your favourite Fishing Venues and catch location.
• See other FishBuddies catches and catch locations.
• Set privacy settings to keep your catches private.


• Snap a picture and let our Fish recognition software detect the breed of fish you have caught.
• Or choose from a list of common species to tag in your posts.


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