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8 reasons why you should download the FishBuddy app today

Want to discover new fishing venues, tackle shops, and fishing clubs near you? or perhaps share your fishing pictures, videos, and craziest adventures with other fish buddies? FishBuddy just might be what you’re looking for.  Get the app’s first release today on the google play store – you won’t be disappointed.

Interesting features

#1 The most exciting fishing spots in the UK

FishBuddy provides venues with contact information, and details on the type of fish you’re likely to catch. if you’re concerned about finding your way, it won’t be a problem. The app includes GPS functionality to help you get to where you need to be.

it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best fishing spots nearby, or planning a longer trip. our interactive map lets you search for fishing bait and tackle shops, fishing venues, local angling clubs, and private fishing clubs near you. There’ll also be GPS coordinates, map views, and satellite images for each location, along with information on the breeds you’re most likely to catch.

#2 Location and event recording

Ever wanted to capture and share your most incredible successes with people who understand you? With FishBuddy, now you can. the app lets you record the places you made the best catches. you can share them with friends, or keep them private; it’s entirely up to you.

#3 sharing

You can also share your stories in a personal news feed, with the option to upload videos and pictures of your catches and comment on other people’s posts. Its like Facebook or Instagram, but for anglers.

#4 Privacy

Your privacy is important to us, so our app comes with a dedicated privacy button that lets you hide your catches from public view.

#5 Awesome AI

FishBuddy now comes with artificial intelligence. The app lets you identify fish breeds from your catches.  And, with a rapidly growing database, it’s only going to get better.

#6 Helpful tutorials

Do you want to learn how to cast a fly? or make a uniknot? the FishBuddy app is filled with helpful links to YouTube videos from pro anglers – whether you’re just starting out, or an accomplished angler, there’ll be practical content for you.

#7 Friendly community

Nothing beats fishing with a friend or two – it helps you learn. there will always be some new or old tricks to help you become a better angler. it may be a new knot, rig, or an old lure that fish just can’t resist.  The FishBuddy social feed lets you lookup other anglers, interact with them, and make friends. with a dedicated community of avid fishermen, there’s nothing to stop you from taking your angling to a whole new level.

#8 Its Free!

Yes, you read that right. The FishBuddy app is absolutely free. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees; you can enjoy all its powerful features at no cost whatsoever.

Be part of our journey

Our goal is to refine the app and ensure it gives users the best possible experience, and you can be part of our effort. Test our app, share your ideas on the features you think we should incorporate into our next development phase. Your valuable input will help us grow FishBuddy into a tool appreciated by anglers everywhere.

we’re still fine tuning and incorporating new features but there’s plenty to love about our app – You should definitely give it a try.  Besides the awesome experience, there are plenty of new, exciting features on the way. Get the FishBuddy app today on the Google play store. You won’t be disappointed.