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Beginners Guide to Perch Fishing

So, you have decided to take up lure fishing and you have watched YouTube and hit the sites on Facebook on the set up that you would require and had endless advice on it from all the people on the pages and still none the wiser with all that information. Well, let us break it down to basics. The first species we are looking at is Perch.

What I have looked at is to tie a Texas Rig with small lures that will get you started by aiming at the smaller Perch or Wasps as you will here them called. You will then be able to build up your tackle and lures as you wish to target bigger specimens and try different rigs to catch them.

You will need to purchase the following: – Rod, Reel, Line, Hooks, Weight’s, line stops, lures, scissors, and a pair of forceps. Also advised is a mat and a net.

Rod: – On this look at a rod with a casting weight of 3 to 10 grams at about 7 foot (2.1m). This will cover most of the lures that will be cast. Remember the casting weight will include the weight of the hook, lure and the weight attached to the line. So, as you build up your tackle with different lures you can use the same rod.

Reel: – On this look for a 1000 spinning reel which will have front drag. This will comfortably hold enough line to cast out the distances that will be on most English rivers and canals.

Line: – Purchase some 8lb – 12lb braid to put onto the reel as well as some 4lb – 6lb fluorocarbon which will be used as a shock leader. This will be tied to the braid and the hook.

Hooks: – Start with size 6 offset worm hooks look at the Gamakatsu worm 325 hook these are designed for small soft baits and fished weedless

Weights: – Get some 3.0g Bullet weights – buying these as a kit from say Spro will come with clear glass beads that you will also require.

Line stops: – These are little rubber stops that slide on the to line prior to putting the weight on. You can set the length of how far you would like the bullet weight to go up the line when jigging on the bottom.

Lures: – With the number of lures on the market this will become the addictive part. But to start look at small soft lures around the 5 cm mark. Make sure that these do not have a deep belly. Pictured are finesse flukes to give an idea.

Purchase two colours a bright colour like yellow and a natural like green. So, if the water is clear you start with the natural and if the water is coloured start with the bright lure. There are so many different types of lures including creature baits but to start with a couple of packs of these and gradually build up your collection.

Scissors: – Make sure that these can cut braid.

Forceps: – If the perch takes the whole lure in you will need these to retrieve the lure out of the mouth. These do not have to be long nose ones.

The below set up is for a Texas rig which is a good starting point for your fishing.

Once you have lined the spool of the reel with the braid making sure that the line is just below the lip off the reel feed it through the eyes of the rod with plenty through to tie on the fluorocarbon.

Cut off about 3 ½ feet of fluorocarbon for the leader.

Tie the fluorocarbon to the braid using a double uni knot.

Thread on a line stop at about 1 foot up the fluorocarbon.

Put the Bullet weight on followed by the glass bead.

Tie on the hook using a uni knot.

Place the lure on the hook.

Pull the line stop back down so that you have about 2 inches of movement from the weight to the hook.

On the water.

Whether you are fishing a canal, river or a stream look for any structures. i.e bridges, platforms, locks and over hanging trees Perch love hanging out around these. Also look for deeper parts of the water close to the margins of where you are walking.

Start with short underarm casts down the side of the section that you like the look of.

Let the weight hit the bottom and the line go slack and give a little flick up to bounce the weight on the bottom, turn the handle to retrieve some line, and repeat until the lure is below the rod tip then cast out again.

All the gear you need to purchase can be bought from any major outlet or if you need specific advice try your local specialist.

Predator tackle is based in Essex and Dave Greenland the owner will be always will to help with advice on set ups.


FFS Lures owned by Tom Moir will make lures to order where you can choose colours add glitters to your own preference and they are top quality


If you need to find advice on YouTube try Thom Hunt his knowledge and presenting makes it easy to understand the fishing side.


All I can say now is Happy Hunting



AUTHOR: Brian Holland

Original article: https://essexanglers.co.uk/beginners-guide-to-perch-fishing/