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Bailey Payne

Bailey Payne

Full Name:  Bailey Payne

FishBuddy Username: Essex Anglers Bailey

Home Base: Essex

When & why did you start fishing?

I have been fishing since I could remember, my dad started taking me straight away, so I can imagine I must have been about 3 or 4! My dad is a match style fishermen, mainly using the Pole and happy to catch anything, and I think growing up learning that type of fishing really helped me develop as an angler and just create a love for any species and any size fish, to this day, whether I catch a small roach or a PB of anything, it\’s still special. The joy of just catching a fish is main thing for me. From when I started, my dad took me most weekends, typically every weekend, and our fishing trips together where amazing, I do wonder if I got into to spend time with my dad, and then just fell in love with the sport. Fishing for me now is more about mental health, and getting out in nature, it\’s a great time to think about life and also forget and enjoy the moment.

Your best fishing trip experience?

Me and my dad were at a lake catching Tench! I tried to catch a few on a peanut butter sandwich!

Which are your usual fishing venues?

I fish a variety of different venues, whether it’s a lake or river.

Probably my go to venue is Hockley Angling Club, offers 3 lakes with a variety of fishing, and one of the lakes can be an aquarium almost, you never know what species you will catch whether it’s a Roach, Carp, Bream, Crucian, Tench and so many others!

Bailey Essex Anglers

Next on my list would probably be the River Chelmer, although there are so many spots to Fish and provide again a huge range of species.

After this it’s a tough call really, between several other small Essex Rivers such as the Roding and the Wid.

List your target fish breeds?

I will happily target anything that swims, however my main targets these days are; Roach, Chub, Tench, Crucians, Barbel, Perch and Pike.

I would say my favourite fish to catch is Crucians, such a beautiful little Fish!

Preferred fishing methods?

I spend most of my time now Fishing on a quiver tip rod, usually with a cage feeder or on the bomb, this method targets such a wide range of Fish. However fishing with a light rod and a centerpin catching anything is an amazing way to fish, watching the float trot down a river and then sink is a great feeling!


Favourite fishing baits?

Bread, on a River bed can catch anything.

The best baits do not have to be the most expensive. Take a loaf of bread, blend most of it to create a ground bait, and then save a few slices to take some flakes for hook bait and you are good to go on Rivers.

What fishing ambitions do you still have?

My main ambition is to promote good fishing and encourage more young people to pick up a rod and try and catch anything.

However fishing goals, a 10lb River Barbel, and a 3lb River Roach from Essex! I can say I am getting closer to the Roach!

Bailey Payne 2

Any advice to new anglers?

I think the best advice for new anglers, is just to have fun with it, don’t feel pressured to go to a certain type of fishing, you don’t always have to go for the biggest fish in the lake, catching small roach can be just as fun, so appreciate every fish you catch.

You don’t have to over complicate fishing as well, you don’t need complex rigs or setups to catch fish, so keep it simple! And have fun!

Interesting facts about yourself?

I am also really into classic cars, and actually own a 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500!

Great fun to work on and drive!


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