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Lee Rudge

Lee Rudge

Full Name:  Lee Rudge

FishBuddy Username: Lee’sAnglingAdventures

Home Base: West Midlands


When & why did you start fishing?

I started getting involved in fishing at the age of 4. I spent my early years sat watching my dad on a local estate lake before I was allowed to have a go for myself. I was a child that was always interested in nature and the outdoors and I always had a fascination with fish.

Your best fishing trip experience?

I’ve had so many, but any time I get to go fishing with my Dad is good as we have such a great time

Which are your usual fishing venues?

Lee Rudge at Townsend Farm Fisheries
Lee Rudge at Townsend Farm Fisheries

List your target fish breeds?

  1. Carp
  2. Tench
  3. Perch
  4. Pike

Anything that swims really….

Preferred fishing methods?

I enjoy waggler fishing or feeder fishing but I’m quite interested in lure fishing, especially during the winter.

Light jigging is one of my favourite methods and it’s great fun.

Favourite fishing baits?

Sweetcorn has to be my favourite fishing bait as it has caught fish for many years and it will continue to do so.

What fishing ambitions do you still have?

I just want to keep enjoying my fishing, really. I would also like to grow my following on my

YouTube channel and I strive to make the best quality videos as possible. Improve and enjoy!


Any advice to new anglers?

Keep it simple! Don’t try to over complicate things. Simple rigs and basic baits along with a good knowledge of where the fish are is the way to go. Spend time watching the water for signs of fish and don’t be afraid to move swims if you need to.

Interesting facts about yourself?

I also enjoy watching football. I support Wolves….!


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