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Thomas Jones

Full Name:  Thomas Jones

FishBuddy Username:  Tom FishBuddy

Home base:   Merseyside

Tom FishBuddy


When & why did you start fishing?

I first started fishing when I was about 8 years old with my Grandad. He used to take me all around the country, mostly course fishing and river fishing and occasionally sea fishing.



Your best fishing trip experience?

Going to Ireland. I went for four days. I was shore fishing and caught my biggest bass it was 9 lb.


Which are your usual fishing venues?

River Mersey – New Brighton
Anglesey – Holyhead Breakwater



List your target fish breeds?


  1. Bass
  2. Cod
  3. Toupe
  4. Flounder
  5. Plaice


Preferred fishing methods?

Fixed spool reel rather than a multiplyer with either 2 hook flapper rig or pulley pennel rig, depending on what I am fishing for.

Also like to use floats on rivers.


 Favourite fishing baits?

  • Peeler crab
  • Black lug
  • Blow lug
  • Mackerel & Squid (combo)


What fishing ambitions do you still have?

To catch a giant skate, a big toupe and a tuna fish


Any advice to new anglers?

Just keep trying, enjoy it and do not give up.

Make sure to keep an eye on the tide heights as it varies week to week.


Tom FishBuddy


Interesting facts about yourself?

I was sitting on a beach one day with my father in-law and came up with an idea of how useful it would be if there was a fishing app you could use to log catches and find nearest fishing spots and clubs – a social network where fishermen can interact with others.

And this is where fishbuddy happened.

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