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Beginners Guide to Perch Fishing

So, you have decided to take up lure fishing and you have watched YouTube and hit the sites on Facebook on the set up that you would require and had endless advice on it from all the people on the pages and still none the wiser with all that information. Well, let us break it down to basics. The first species we are looking at is Perch. What I have looked at is to tie a Texas Rig with small lures that will get you started by aiming at the smaller Perch or Wasps as you will here them called. Y...
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Fish and a perfect sunrise

Well what an amazing sunrise this morning. I cannot remember such a picturesque dawn greeting at Mersea than I was blessed with experiencing this morning. The golden sun reflecting off the sand and multi coloured beach huts was picture postcard stuff and a timely reminder of how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful location. The water was surprisingly crystal clear despite the recent heavy rainfall and I was cursing not bringing my new spinning rod with me (thanks Kevan @ Colchester Bai...
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FishBuddy Interview – Mike Stockley

Mike Stockley
20th October 2020 Your Full Name Mike Stockley AKA MikesCarpingAdventures Social Media Profile www.youtube.com/c/MikesCarpingAdventures Where are you based? Staffordshire When & why did you start fishing? Currently 31 years and have been fishing now for probably 15+ years. It all started when my dad took me as a youngster. We were members of our local waters - Fenton & District, these I remember being quite simple trips, a rod, float and some maggots not c...
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8 reasons why you should download the FishBuddy app today

Want to discover new fishing venues, tackle shops, and fishing clubs near you? or perhaps share your fishing pictures, videos, and craziest adventures with other fish buddies? FishBuddy just might be what you're looking for.  Get the app's first release today on the google play store - you won’t be disappointed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOE_gwrKU3I&t=17s Interesting features #1 The most exciting fishing spots in the UK FishBuddy provides venues with contact inform...
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